Our Creative Projects and Film Productions

Here are samples of our work over the years; from short films, to motion graphics & corporate video for Fortune-ranked corporations like FedEx and Chevrolet.

Memphis Video Production

Memphis Commercial Film & Video Production

Memphis Local Producers for Chevrolet & TelevisaUnivision

Asi Studios hired Rockwell Visual for line production and crew for a TelevisaUnivision spot for the new Chevrolet Silverado featuring the band, Making Movies. Landing in locations from Memphis Magnetic Recording Studio, to Minglewood Hall, to the newly exposed beach areas in Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, the 2-day production went incredibly smoothly due to a fantastic crew of local filmmakers.

If we can do it for Chevrolet, we can do it for you. Call today 901.831.8108 and let’s get started.

Digital Film Production

The Game

Rockwell Visual partnered with DeSoto Arts Institute to produce The Game which follows the story of a college coed swept off her feet by the cute new guy on campus. Her bestie warns her repeatedly that things are moving too quickly but Kaylee doesn’t listen.

Truth Lies Upstream

Rockwell Visual partnered with DeSoto Arts Institute to produce Truth Lies Upstream which was a Top Ten Selection in the 2019 Memhis Film Prize competition for the $10k grand prize. The film is running the festival circuit and is picking up awards along the way.

Outside Arcadia

Rockwell Visual partnered with DeSoto Arts Institute to produce the sci-fi thriller Outside Arcadia set on a southern homestead. which is still on the festival circuit garnering prizes for acting, direction, cinematogrphy and more.

Music Video Production

The Rest of Me - Lauryn Taylor

Filmed on the beaches of Destin/Fort Walton and on South Main Street in Memphis, this catchy tune and music video production created an imaginary world where the beach meets the city and sandy footsteps are left at the trolley stops.

Follow Your Heart - Marco A

Marco Alexander’s Follow Your Heart is an upbeat and fun look at chasing your dreams. Filmed inside an historic Memphis recording studio and filled with Memphis Grizzly Cheerleaders, you’ll fight to get this catch pop tune out of your head. 

Do You Love Me - Herrick

One of our earlier music video productions from 2011. Herrick have become great friends and repeat clients. The country rock duo is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and continues to write great songs touching hearts all over the country.

Washed by the Water - Zach Myers

Chris Allen and Zach Myers of Shinedown wrote this song to raise money for those displaced by floodwaters in the Memphis area. Filmed in a local Memphis recording studio and the historic Civil Rights Museum.

Some Kind of Lonesome - Herrick

The music video for Some Kind of Lonesome is generating buzz. Listed on Billboard’s Hot Country Music Video List, the song has deep meaning for anyone who has experienced loss of a loved one. It is dedicated to Donna’s Herrick’s mom who recently passed.

Country Ain't Country Anymore

Filmed by Robb and students at Tom T. Hall’s Nashville ranch as part of a music video production course Robb taught at the Nashville Film Institute in 2011. If you love some good ole George Strait country music , you’ll love Jeff Orr country music.

Motion Graphics Design

Church Bumper Animations

Custom sermon series bumpers using your designs or one we have created for you. Share your vectorized art and we can tear it apart and put it back together in a creative way.

Book Trailer Production

Promoting your book with a professional trailer for use on soical media outlets may be one of your best decisions, other than writing the book in the first place. Let us help you get creative in how you promote it.

Motion Graphics Design

Selling a product and need to get a lot of information across to a viewer in a short time in a fun and memorable way? Animations and sketchers are very effective. Consider adding to a presentation for added wow factor.

Digital Signage

Digital signage in your office, campus, or church, is a great way to get your messaging in front of your audience. We can turn any screen into a digital sign.

Sketchers Graphics Animation

Custom whiteboard sketchers with professional voiceover talent are a cool way to share information with viewers. 


Visual Effects / VFX / Composite Graphics / CGI

Composite Graphics

Does your film need a little something added or removed. Want to replace the blown out sky? Need to paint something out? We can help. 

Green Screen Compositing

It’s not always practical to get the shot you want in the real environment. Often getting the shot in studio against blue screen or green screen is the only way to go. 

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